Lisa Berczel uncovers some of her innovative techniques used to create her Grape Cake. As cake decorating is becoming more popular due to culinary art shows, Grex Airbrush wants to highlight the new techniques that is causing a rejuvenation in airbrushing. Presenting Cake Artistry Redefined!

1) Fondant Cake Tier: Metallic Gold Airbrush through Fabric

While airbrushing through lace is a commonly used technique, many don't realize that if you can see through a fabric, there's a good chance you can airbrush through it as well. Metallics and pearls have a larger particle size and will require a larger, more open weave.

Tip: Keep a scrapbook of fabric test sprays for client consultations.

Fabric can be wrapped around a fondant cake tier and held in place by gathering and fastening fabric with stationary store paper pinch clips. Fabric does not have to be perfectly flat or tight against the tier so long as airbrush spray is perpendicular to the design.

Use the airbrush to trace the fabric pattern for unique designs.

Tip: Test your design on a fondant test panel. Airbrush color and fondant brands can yield different results.

2) Fondant Trim: Airbrush Color with Metallic Gold Cocoa Butter

Layer airbrush color and colored cocoa butter for easy and exciting variations for molds and texture mats. Metallic cocoa butters can mimic cloisonne or the leading of stained glass. Brown cocoa butter can mimic wood carvings.

Tip: For stronger design colors, airbrush the trim first. Then paint on colored cocoa butter and wipe off to expose the desired amount of airbrush color underneath.

Grape Bunch: Isomalt and Airbrush.

Life-sized grapes are layers of colored isomalt, airbrush color, gold leaf, and clear isomalt with a wire stem. Grapes are then wrapped onto a dried stem. Green isomalt is shaped in a 2-part leaf press and then painted with colored cocoa butter.

Tip: Grapes do not have to be identical in size or color.

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About the Artist

If it will hold still long enough, Lisa Berczel of Battledress Paint N Body will turn it into a work of art.

Lisa has become renowned for her body paint which can be viewed in such diverse places as book and magazine covers, international ad campaigns, videos, Reality TV, runway, and live event acrobats.

More traditional items that have experienced her airbrush skills include automobiles, motorcycles, race boats, murals, surfboards, theatric props, artisan confections, even canvas.

Lisa has been instructing airbrush for several years. From private classes and small seminars up to 3 and 5 day comprehensive workshops, her focus is on it all: technique, equipment & product education, and material and product safety.

Equipment and supplies used:

Grex Tritium.TG airbrush

Grex Genesis.XN airbrush

Grex AC1810-A airbush compressor


Sheer Fabric

Gold Luster Airbrush Color


Airbrush Color

Gold Luster Colored Cocoa Butter


24k Gold Leaf

Airbrush Color

Edible Food Lacquer

Wire Armature

Dried Grape Stem

Colored cocoa butter

Cake Play

Chef Rubber