Genesis.XB - Double Action Bottom Siphon Fed Airbrush

The Genesis.XB was designed for quick and painless color changes with its plug-in siphon fed bottle; perfect for t-shirts, murals and multiple color applications. Not only does the provide greater ease for complex projects, but it also offers better line of sight and greater reservoir capacity.


- Cutting edge design specifically for precise control of fine detailed work.

- Preset handle for precise paint volume control.

- Solvent proof Teflon seals allows use of any medium.

- Plug-in siphon bottles for quick color changes.

- Internally mixed for improved atomization.

- Precisely machined stainless steel nozzle and needle.

- Larger diameter nozzle threads for improved centering & stronger tightening.

- Durable heavy nickel chrome plated housing.

- Convenient to clean design.

- Short passageway from cup to nozzle for responsive feel.

- Accept oils, gouaches, urethanes, enamels, lacquers, acrylics, dyes, inks, & more.

- Adaptable with major brands of airbrush jars and/or color cups.



Double Action

Fluid Nozzle:

0.3 mm

Feed Type:

Bottom Siphon

Fluid Capacity:

30mL (1 oz.)

Spray Width:

Hair Line to 25mL (1")


150g (5.4 oz.)


150mm (5.9")

Oper. Pressure:

5 ~ 80psi (0.34 ~ 5.52bar)


Illustration, Textile, Fine art, Cosmetics, Figurines, Woodworks, Automotive...

Suggested Accessories:

Bottom Siphon Assembly


Airbrush bottle lid with siphon and tube for use with 1oz. (30mL) bottles. For use with Genesis.XB and XBi. Compatible with CP30-6K 1 oz. Bottles.

Set of 6 1 oz. Bottles


Six 1oz. (30mL) bottles. For use with Genesis.XB, XBi, XS, XSi, XT, and Tritium.TS. Fits CV1-2TB Bottom Siphon Assembly and CP30-01 Side Siphon Attachment. Not compatible with CP60-01 Bottom Siphon Assembly.

Bottom Siphon w/ 60 mL Plastic Bottle


Bottom siphon attachment w/ 60 mL (2 fl. oz.) plastic bottle for extra large capacity. For use with Genesis.XB and XBi. Not compatible with CP30-6K 1 oz. Bottles.