TF-5 - Grex Fan Spray Cap, 0.5mm

Give your 0.5mm Tritium, Genesis.XGi, and XSi airbrushes the ability to spray in a fan pattern.

Inspired by full sized spray guns, the Grex Fran Spray Cap transforms your airbrush into a "mini spray gun" allowing for more efficient, quicker and even coverage of larger areas. This changes the standard round spray pattern of an airbrush into an elongated fan spray pattern of a spray gun. A very useful and desired trait for laying down even coverage with less passes.

*Note: Using the 0.5mm Grex Fan Spray Cap will require more airflow than the standard nozzle cap. You may need to use a larger compressor. Please consult the chart below.


- Includes installation and usage instructions.

- For use with Tritium.TG, Tritium.TS, Genesis.XGi and Genesis.XSi with a 0.5mm needle and nozzle

Image Gallery

Fan Spray Cap w/ Tritium.TG and Grex CP125-G

Fan Spray Cap w/ Genesis.XSi