Grex Airbrush interviews artist Sean Treves to learn about his style and inspiration for his art. We had the pleasure of meeting Sean in the most unexpected place - a diecast car show in Las Vegas of early 2011. Since then, we've seen just how versatile he is; he can paint anything on anything and most importantly he's one of the most genuine and passionate individuals you'll ever meet.

Where did you get inspiration for this piece?

Inspiration for this piece would have to be from Grex, Private Stock Paint, my family and friends and because airbrush art is my life. I took the photo a few years ago in Utah and told myself one day I would paint it. I had always liked photo realisitc art but could never get everything just like the photo. Long story short, I found a very comfortable airbrush - the Tritium.TS5 - a double action pistol style trigger. "Something different." Good inspiration!

Can you share briefly the step-by-step process?

Step 1. I first try to find the main color that dominates the photo and make sure it is a light color. "Your opaque colors will help." Have fun!

Step 2. Then I make the outline freehand. "Nobody is perfect." Have fun!

Step 3. I Work light colors into the darker colors then in the end I will come back to light colors to finish the highlights in the painting. Have fun!

Why do you choose to use an airbrush for your work?

I use airbrush to paint because it is fun to be able to use a tool that is so versatile - from fine lines to shading in seconds and the different textures that can easily be achieved. If you're fast enough, it may even feel like magic.

Why are you using Grex airbrushes?

I primarily use the Grex Tritium.TS5. I realy like how smooth the trigger is and the all around performance of the airbrush is excellent. I love the magnetic caps and all the available accessories make it such a versatile airbrush. I also enjoy the many different looks and reactions that I get from people when they see me use such a unique airbrush. Can't wait to try the differet models from Grex for the future!

Why are you using Private Stock?

I was introduced to Private Stock when I found Grex. This paint flows so nicely and the colors are very rich and vibrant. I like the colors that are available along with the different additives that can be used to modify the properties of the paint.

About the Artist

Sean Treves was born in 1980 on the island of Cozumel, located in the Caribbean Sea. He enjoys a wide range of extreme sports such as mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding, power kite "kite boarding", snowboarding, dirt biking, etc. Basically anything extreme that involves the words "bike" and "board". He loves cars old and new. And loves any kind of music because he believes it all makes life more interesting. Sean likes to collaborate with other artists on any medium and is always looking to learn something new. "My main focus in life is to have fun and do as much art as possible or as much as people and life inspire me to."

Equipment and Supplies Used

Grex Tritium.TS airbrush

GXPS-102 Trans. Arylide Yellow

GXPS-104 Trans. Azo Orange

GXPS-105 Trans. Naphthol Red

GXPS-107 Trans. Pyrrole Red

GXPS-108 Trans. Quin. Magenta

GXPS-110 Trans. Phthalo. Blue

GXPS-121 Trans. Rain Forest Green

GXPS-201 Opaque Titanium White

GXPS-203 Opaque Light Blue

GXPS-304 Flourescent Magenta

GXPS-450 Extend-Air

Other work by Sean Treves