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01. How does the tool work?

02. How much power does the tool have?

03. Can I bump fire the tool?

04. How fast can I drive nails?

05. Is there a delay after pulling the trigger?

06. How do I adjust how deep nails are set?

07. Can I use the tool at high altitudes?

08. Can I use the tool in cold weather?

09. Can I use the tool in hot weather?

10. What is included with the tool?

11. Will Grex develop other cordless nailers and staplers?

12. What is the warranty on the tool?


13. Do I have to use Grex branded nails?

14. What type of nails does this tool shot?

15. Can I slight head brad nails?


16. Does the tool come with fuel cartridges?

17. Can I use other company’s fuel cells?

No. There are several technical and design related reasons why we decided not to use the same fuel cartridges as everyone else.

1. Smaller size. The driving force for the design of this tool was to develop the most compact cordless finish nailer. Other fuel cartridges are significantly larger and would thereby make the tool larger as well.

2. No expiration dates. Most other fuel cartridges use an internal bladder system where another gas is used to pressurize the bladder to push out the fuel that injects into the tool. Unfortunately over time this bladder is compromised, so even if there is unused fuel remaining in the can, there is no pressure to push the fuel out. Our cartridge does not use a bladder system. Just a simple aluminium can with liquefied fuel inside. So as long as there is fuel inside the can, it can be used.

3. No foul odor. In order to get more power, the fuels used in other tools tend to have a very strong fouling odor, which is noticeable even after the 1st shot. And it’s especially bothersome when working in small areas like closets. The power in our tool is achieved by more sophisticated internal workings. So we just use non-odorized propane. Much more pleasant to work with.

4. Lower cost. Again, because we achieve power through design of the tool, the fuel we use is lower cost and the fuel cartridge is simpler, which also equates to lower costs.

18. Why is there no odor like other gas tools?

19. How many shots can I get from a fuel cartridge?

20. Is less fuel used when I adjust to lower power?

21. Do the fuel cartridges have expiration dates?

22. What is the number on the bottom of the can?

23. Can I leave the fuel cartridge in the tool?

24. How should I store the fuel cartridges?

25. How do I dispose of the fuel cartridges?

26. Is the Fuel cartridge recyclable?


27. How can the tool only use AAA batteries?

28. Why not use AA batteries?

29. Does the tool come with batteries?

30. Can I use rechargable batteries?

31. How many shots can I get from a set of batteries?


32. What kind of maintenance is involved?

33. Why don’t I need to clean the tool regularly like other gas nailers?