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SIZE MATTERS. And when it comes to a 23 Gauge Headless Pinner, a tool that drives the finest pin nail possible, having a lightweight compact tool is even more critical to achieving the precision finish and trim work you demand. Now, the Grex Cordless technology finally makes it possible to create a cordless version of this tool in a form factor that you need. The New Grex GCP650 - the first and only cordless 2" 23 Guage Headless Pinner; with NO compromise on power. Grex has engineered the first cordless 23 gauge headless pinner that is as similar in size, weight, balance and power as a traditional pneumatic 23 gauge pinner. Plus this is all achieved with the same award winning robust build quality that users have trusted for more than 20 years.

Update 11/01/18. Unfortunately, some delays in production will result in the tool not being available until the end of November. So we expect that dealers will have product in hand for delivery the first week of December.

Update 11/15/18. Production is still in process and we are working hard to have tools available at the end of November. Sub-assemblies have been completed, and we are waiting for the tool housing to be completed by our vendor so we can proceed with final assembly.