01. How does the tool work?

02. How much power does the tool have?

03. Can I bump fire the tool?

04. How fast can I drive nails?

05. Is there a delay after pulling the trigger?

06. How do I adjust how deep nails are set?

07. Can I use the tool at high altitudes?

08. Can I use the tool in cold weather?

09. Can I use the tool in hot weather?

10. What is included with the tool?

11. Will Grex develop other cordless nailers and staplers?

12. What is the warranty on the tool?


13. Do I have to use Grex branded nails?

Although any brand of 23 GAUGE HEADLESS PINS are compatible with your Grex pinner, Grex pins are highly recommended due to the optimal tensile strength of the steel used. Some "aftermarket" pins are so soft that they will actually deflect in cedar and pine. Others will crumple on the surface of your workpiece because they do not have the stiffness to penetrate maple or oak or other hardwoods. Using poor quality pins can cause jamming and damage to your tool because their tolerances are not controlled or they have excess glue drips all over them. Some other pins are OK for softwoods and softer hardwoods like cherry but not for real hardwoods like maple and equatorial hardwoods. Grex pins really are the stiffest pins on the market. Because 23 gauge pins are extremely fine, using quality fasteners is much more critical than traditional finish nails such as 18 or 16 gauge brads.

14. What type of nails does this tool shoot?

15. Can I slight headed pins?


16. Does the tool come with fuel cartridges?

17. Can I use other company’s fuel cells?

18. Why is there no odor like other gas tools?

19. How many shots can I get from a fuel cartridge?

20. Is less fuel used when I adjust to lower power?

21. Do the fuel cartridges have expiration dates?

22. What is the number on the bottom of the can?

23. Can I leave the fuel cartridge in the tool?

24. How should I store the fuel cartridges?

25. How do I dispose of the fuel cartridges?

26. Is the Fuel cartridge recyclable?


27. How can the tool only use AAA batteries?

28. Why not use AA batteries?

29. Does the tool come with batteries?

30. Can I use rechargable batteries?

31. How many shots can I get from a set of batteries?


32. What kind of maintenance is involved?

33. Why don’t I need to clean the tool regularly like other gas nailers?