C00 - 22 Gauge 3/8" Crown Galvanized Staples

For Grex model(s): 7116-A . 7116LN-A . 71AD . 71AF . 71AFLM . 71ADLNS .

Item No.LengthM/boxbox/ctn
C04 (7106)1/4" 1020
C06 (7110)3/8" 1020
C08 (7112)1/2" 1020
C10 (7116)5/8" 1012

Above fasteners are similar to: Senco C, Atro 72, JK-670, BeA71, Empire 7

Suggested Applications:

Upholstering, Carpet laying, Light wood assembly, Display and sign work, Luggage construction, Silk screen assembly, Home building applications, Applying drapery fabric to cornices, Sign shops, Box spring and mattress covers, Automobile interior, Installation of light trim moldings, Light gauge metal piercing, Roofing paper