GWS16 - 16 Gauge 1" Crown Galv. & Coated Staples

For Grex model(s): 2638 .

Item No.LengthM/ctn
GWS16-12 (P08)1/2" 10
GWS16-15 (P10)5/8" 10
GWS16-20 (P11)3/4" 10
GWS16-22 (P12)7/8" 10
GWS16-25 (P13)1" 10
GWS16-32 (P15)1-1/4"10
GWS16-38 (P17)1-1/2"10
GWS16-45 (P19)1-3/4"10
GWS16-50 (P21)2" 10

Above fasteners are similar to: Senco P, Duo-Fast 1700, Hitachi N3824A

Suggested Applications:

Furniture frames, Cabinet assembly, Case back installation, Box spring assembly and manufacturing, Sub flooring, Wall and roof sheathing, Fascia and soffit, Underlayment, Crate and pallet construction, Sash and millwork, Fencing, Butt joints, Trusses, Roofing