PPN65 - Metal Connector Nailer

Engineered with longevity, serviceability and all day continuous use in mind, the GREX PPN65 has one more highly desired attribute...convenience. For your convenience and speed of production, the PPN65 drives two of the most popular nail sizes - 1 1/2" or 2 1/2" 34° collated connector nails.

Dome connector, tetra dome, post cap, joist hanger, rail-to-post connector, connector plate, clip support, hurricane clip, connector bracket, beam bracket, anchors, ties, and much more. Designed for fastening various types of pre-punched metal connectors, the GREX PPN65 metal connector nailer is compact with an angled design for mobility and the nail-tip protruding for accurate alignment with the connector hole.

What's unique about the GREX PPN65 is it's patented safety sensor. The PPN65 safety tip is designed to remain retracted allowing the nail tip to protrude for nail-to-hole alignment with the metal connector hole.

During sequential firing, the safety tip must first be pressed against the metal connector aligning the nail tip with the connector hole. This forces the safety tip to remain retracted releasing the driver to drive the nail as the trigger is pulled. If the safety tip is not pressed against a surface, with no surface to force the safety tip to remain retracted the safety tip is allowed to extend. Extended and unable to sense a surface the safety prevents firing.

GREX, demanded by Pros, for more than 20 years has helped professionals rise to the top of their trade. Now explore.

Suggested Applications:

Metal Connectors, Framing, Sub flooring, Decking, Truss construction, Wall and roof sheathing, Siding, Roof decks, Pallet construction, Box and crate construction, Bridging, Fencing, Etc...